A personal photography project

Last year I started a personal project on macro double exposures. I create the composition in camera.  It began on a cloudy day in my garden, since then I have collected some unusual images... dandelions in the clouds, lilac blooming with rosemary... today I was admiring the Mother's Day flowers my family gave me and decided to work with it. The resulting images are soft yet edgy, with the combination of punchy and cool colors, and some very filtered window light.  I think this is a project that will just continue on, when the inspiration hits I will grab my camera.

I also included some of the single exposures which are equally lovely.  Enjoy!

Gorgeous blooms from the Madison Flower Shop.

Camp Go Away.... Film

Somehow I waited a long time to develop a few rolls of film that I shot at Camp Go Away.  I wish I had not waited so long.  The twin lens especially is my favorite, it was gifted to me by a friend and was originally owned by a passionate photographer.  Its kinda broken and beat up but it is still magical.

Camp Go Away

Why did it take me so long to blog about Camp Go Away? Probably a combination of too-busy-syndrome (I still have not developed any of my film from this trip.. that will be next) and insecurity.  I am really fortunate to have photographers as genuine friends who welcomed me to the family.  This camp was a kick in the pants for me. I needed to stop being shy about my work when I am around the pro's.  I also needed to be physically detached from my phone and email, which was delightfully restorative.  I made a lot of great friends at CGA and I hope I get to work with them someday.  

Thank you Chellise Michael & Michael Busse for this amazing experience.  Here are (all) of my weird, fun images.  See you next time friends.